Color Palette

How To Create Color Palettes & Swatches In Illustrator

Personalize your designs by using your own photos. Learn how to create color palettes & swatches easily in Illustrator. They’re easy to use over and over again, as well as share with other. Below is a couple of examples of color palettes I’ve created using this method. Keep scrolling for a video tutorial. How To Create Color Palettes & Swatches In Illustrator P.S. – Sign up to get more free printables, design tutorials and ideas: [mc4wp_form id=”51″]

Tips for Using the Pattern Tool in Adobe Illustrator

The pattern tool was added to Illustrator in the CS6 version. It was a feature that I rarely used up until the last few months. I first learned to create patterns the traditional way in Illustrator. For the most part I still do it this way, with the exceptions of half-drop repeats. It’s also really helpful when making super simple polka dotted or striped backgrounds (and faster!). Whether you’re new to the pattern tool or you’re someone that has been using it for a while, there’s always new tips to learn. Check out the video below to learn how to …

How To Create Rounded Corners

One feature that I have always loved in Affinity Designer is the corner tool. It wasn’t until recently that I found out that Adobe had included this feature in Illustrator CC. This added feature alone was enough to finally get me to upgrade from CS6. Rounded Corners in Adobe Illustrator CS6 & Older Start off with creating a shape, any shape will work (other than circles haha). I’ll be using stars for these tutorials. Effects>Stylize>Rounded Corners Click preview and playing round with the numbers. Expand appearance to make the changes permanent. Rounded Corners in Adobe Illustrator CC Start off with …