How To Create A Clipping Mask In Photoshop

Knowing how to create a clipping mask is a great skill to have whether you’re a designer, blogger, or whatever other title you may have. Clipping masks make designing things like flyers much easier and can add extra style to your blog. Below you’ll find a quick 5 minute tutorial explaining how to make a simple design using clipping masks and changing shape colors. Clipping Mask In Photoshop – Video Tutorial Check out more design tutorials here. P.S. – Sign up to get more free design tutorials: [mc4wp_form id=”51″]

How To Turn Your Doodles Into Photoshop Brushes

Doodles can be turned into really useful Photoshop brushes. I’ve drawn doodles of windows that I’ve used in multiple projects. It’s much easier to have a brush than it is to find the scanned photo, crop it, re-color it and then delete the background or change the blending mode. Creating a brush is really simple to do. Let’s create one together. Step 1 Open your scanned photo. You can also take a photo with your phone and open it in Photoshop. I’ll write a tutorial on taking pictures of your doodle later. This is the best time to edit the …