Hadrian’s Wall And Manchester – Scotland and England Day 8

We started the day early, well before our AirBnB host was awake. Leaving the house as quietly as possible and dropping the keys back through the mail slot. A quick look at Yelp showed that there were only a couple of places open at that time. So we headed to the one that was on our way. Since I can’t seem to get through a post without mentioning this, be aware that convenience does not exist in the same way as the US. In fact, I think I could get used to living a bit of a slower life like the UK, it was just a culture shock for the two weeks we were there.


The roads were empty so I was wondering if TriBeCa was even open. We were the first people there and it was already after 8 am. With a name like TriBeCa, you’d think I would have realized that it was an American restaurant…I didn’t. Sometimes I miss the most obvious things haha. I had the bacon and cream cheese bagel, it was delicious. British bacon is sooo good. Luckily I’ve been able to find a local place that sells British bacon. 🙂 Eric ordered an omelet. Their omelets are massive, large enough for two (or more) people to eat. His omelet had ranch on it, which I don’t see on the menu any longer. It was the only time we saw ranch dressing in the UK, and it was on an omelet.


After breakfast, it was on to Hadrian’s Wall. It was only about a two-hour drive. I was taking in the beautiful scenery while Eric drove. While in Scotland I really fell in love the country. I was sad to leave and already dreaming of coming back.

Lanercost Tea Room

There weren’t many places to stop so after exiting from the motorway I spotted the Lanercost Tea Room. It was set in the gorgeous English countryside. The location has a cute tea room. The breakfast looked amazing and I would recommend it just by the look and smell. They also have a large gift shop with loads of adorable local made products. I bought a couple of things for myself and others. One of my favorites is a magnet with a sheep on it. Lanercost Tea Room is worth a stop if you’re headed to Hadrian’s Wall.

Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall was one of the stops I was looking forward to the most. It was the northern most point of the Roman Empire. It’s interesting to note that the Roman’s used a concrete to build the wall, a much stronger concrete than our modern equivalent. Oddly enough, after the fall of the Roman empire, the use of concrete was pretty much non-existent for centuries. The Roman’s were quite interesting and it was fun visiting the Northern part of their Empire. It really brings perspective to just how large of an empire it really was.

Overall, the location is beautiful with the rolling hills and sheep. There was a family visiting at the time that allowed their kids to climb and run all over the ruins. It really bothered me that someone would allow that to happen on a historical site.

Hadrian’s Wall from Lindsey Slutz on Vimeo.

Driving Next To Hadrian’s Wall

On The Road Again

Once again the drive was gorgeous as we went through the Lake District. I enjoyed seeing the sheep and cows everywhere. They seemed to be treated better in the UK than in the US, which I loved.

A great thing about driving on the motorway in England was the service stations, much like the ones in the US if you’re driving on turnpikes. Each one was different, but most had a few food establishments and a WHSmiths amongst other things. We grabbed lunch at a service station and I had to wonder around WHSmith to get a magazine.


Our AirBnB was in Manchester. One of the reasons we chose this location was because it had parking available. Mike, the host, met us outside and showed us the way in the apartment building. We met Lucy, his fiancee, and the four of us chatted on the balcony for quite a long time. They were both really lovely and think we could have talked all night. They gave us some great tips on Manchester and where to eat dinner. I’d love to stay there again.

Here’s a link to the AirBnB** we stayed at. If you’re going to that area this is an amazing place to stay with a gorgeous setting on the river.

**I love using AirBnB when traveling. Get a discount on your first stay by clicking this referral link (and I’ll get a discount too, thanks!).


Manchester is a very interesting place. We walked from the AirBnB to dinner. We walked along the river to get there. It was a nice and quiet walk as I was taking in all of the art. Some places had a lot of graffiti which was pretty. It’s a great city and I’m a bit sad that I didn’t get to explore it a bit more.

Mike suggest Duke’s 92 for a good dinner spot. He was spot on with his recommendation because the food and atmosphere were excellent. The booth was comfy. The restaurant was dimly light but each table had a candle. Outside they had a DJ playing music. It was perfect. I don’t remember what Eric ordered, but I had an onion and cheese pie because who can go to the UK without ordering a pie of some sort? I also had my first Pimm’s drink.

After dinner, we walked back to the AirBnB as the sun was going down. It was a wonderful way to end the evening.

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