Stonehenge and Mayfield Lavender Field – England Day 10

We were up and ready for the day pretty early. Once we were downstairs we met the other person that was staying at the AirBnB. Meeting new and interesting people is one of the best things about using AirBnB while traveling.


Instead of grabbing toast at the house we decided to just leave to get something while on the road to Stonehenge. I know I have been listing where we had our meals during the day, but I honestly have NO idea what we had for breakfast. Best guess would that we had something at one of the service stations. And actually, now that I think about it, I think we had lunch at a gas station on the way to London. If I remember correctly, Eric had Subway and I had a pre-made (the Brits seem to love these) sandwich with Doritos.


The drive was gorgeous, especially the first half as we went through Cotswold. I even spotted a few house with thatched roofing. It was as if we were in the idyllic English countryside. In the future, I’d love to spend a bit more time in the area. A little closer to Stonehenge we went through a military zone. We passed several military vehicles and there were a lot of road signs. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any photos. 🙁


You know you’ve arrived when you pull into the massive parking lot. After all, this is Stonehenge, and who doesn’t want to visit such a famous site? Don’t worry if you can’t walk far distances because there is transportation to the check-in. It started raining as soon as we got to the line. Thankfully, I bought tickets before the trip and we were able to go through fairly quickly. I highly recommend buying before you go, I think it’s cheaper to do so as well. Once you’re through you get into a new line and wait for a bus to Stonehenge. It does move pretty quickly and with the weather, I was really glad to not have to walk there. They drop you off and you can take as long as you’d like at the henge.

Stonehenge is a prehistoric site. It’s even more fascinating being there and leads to so many questions. How did they build it? Why did they build it?

After you’re done gazing at the stones, you head back to the main building. None too surprisingly you’re dropped off at the gift shop. I did end up buying a few things for my family. Be warned, it’s super crowded in the shop. There’s also a small museum with more of a history lesson on the site. Definitely worth the visit.


Back in the car we went as we headed to the lavender field, and then on to London. The closer we got to the lavender field the more city-ish the view became.


I was surprised by how close to London Mayfield is, but how remote it actually feels when you’re there. As soon as you open the car door you’re rewarded with the lovely smell of lavender. The fields are gorgeous. It’s complete with an iconic red telephone booth, great of photos. 😉

There’s a small shop, which of course I bought a few items. One of the things I bought was a bar of soap. It’s still in the package, but the smell is so strong that all I need to is pick it up and instantly I’m transported back to Mayfield’s.

Everything Else

After visiting Mayfields were headed off to London. Instead of doing my normal post with our AirBnB, dinner, ect., I’m leaving that for the next post. It’s going to be on our entire 72 hours in London. It’s the last post of the series. 🙁

Next post – 72 hours in London

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